Past seminars

  • Fall 2018 Seminar
    August 30Dr. Xin YuanKick off meeting
    September 6Shafayat"Fault-Tolerant Adaptive Routing in Dragonfly Networks", TDSC, 2017.
    September 13ZaidScalable Deadlock-Free Deterministic Minimal-Path Routing Engine for InfiniBand-Based Dragonfly Networks, TPDS, 2018
    September 20MichaelAn Efficient Label Routing on High-Radix Interconnection Networks, ICPADS, 2017
    September 27JuanHigh-Performance, Low-Complexity Deadlock Avoidance for Arbitrary Topologies/Routings, ICS, 2018
    October 4SaptarshiEnabling Parallel Simulation of Large-Scale HPC Network Systems, TPDS, 2017
    October 11MohsenFlexfly: Enabling a reconfigurable dragonfly through silicon photonics, SC, 2016
    October 18WillyImproved Power of Two Choices for Fat-Tree Routing, TON, 2018
    October 25RamProjective Networks: Topologies for Large Parallel Computer Systems, TPDS, 2017
    November 1Creating interconnect topologies by algorithmic edge removal: MOD and SMOD graphs, Supercomputing Frontiers and Innovations, 2015
    November 8Ensuring Deadlock-Freedom in Low-Diameter InfiniBand Networks, HoTi, 2016
    November 15
    November 22No meeting
    November 29
    December 6
  • Spring 2019 Seminar
    January 17Dr. Xin YuanKick off meeting
    January 24RamDragonfly+
    January 31SaptarshiStaci A. Smith, et al, "Mitigating Inter-job interfance using adaptive flow-aware routing", SC 2018. (focus on performance setup, main conclusion, and data to support, critic)
    Feburary 7ZaidSamuel D. Pollard, et al, "Evaluation of an Interference-free Node Allocation Policy on Fat-tree", SC 2018.
    Feburary 14no meetingno meeting
    Feburary 21MohsenVazhkudai, et al, "The Design, Deployment, and Evaluation of the CORAL Pre-Exascale Systems," SC 2018
    Feburary 28WillyProjective Networks: Topologies for Large Parallel Computer Systems, TPDS, 2017
    March 7Shafayat"On Random Wiring in practicable Folded Clos Networks for Modern Datacenters," TPDS 2018.
    March 14MichaelNon-minimal Adaptive Rotuing based on Explicit Congestion Notifications. CCE, 2019.
    March 21Spring breakSpring break
    March 28GeneFlexVC: Flexible Virtual Channel Management in Low-Diameter Networks IPDPS 2017.
    April 4TBDTBD
    April 11TBDTBD
    April 18TBDTBD
    April 25TBDTBD