Welcome to the FSU CS EXPLORER (EXtreme-scale comPuting, modeLing, netwORking & systEms Research) laboratory. We are a group of researchers who share common interests in

  • exploring cutting-edge technologies for designing, evaluating, constructing, programming, and using extreme-scale distributed computing systems including super-computing systems, cloud computing data centers, networked computing systems, heterogeneous computing systems, and Internet of things,
  • and developing, implementing, and evaluating techniques at the architecture, systems, and applications levels that advance the state-of-the-art distributed computing in cost-effectiveness, scalability, power-efficiency, reliability, security, and ease-of-use.

The EXPLORER laboratory is funded in part by Department of Energy Office of Science, National Science Foundation, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Florida State University.

Fall 2019 seminar

News updates (all entries):

    • 05/2020: Zaid successfully defended his PhD prospectus, congratulations.
    • 02/2020: Zaid’s paper on global link arrangement on Dragonfly has been accepted for publication in ACM International Conference on Supercomputing (ICS), 2020. Congratulations.
    • 12/2019: Shafyat Rahman successfully defended his dissertation. He will be joining Amazon. Congratulations Dr. Rahman.
    • 11/2019: Prof. Yuan accepted an invitation to serve as an Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing
    • 11/2019: Shafayat Rahman presented a paper in SC’2019 at Denver.
    • 09/2019: Fatema Tabassum Liza joined the group. Welcome.
    • 08/2019: Prof. Yuan accepted an invitation to serve as the Experiments track-chair for IPDPS 2020.
    • 06/2019: Congratulations to Shafayat whose paper, titled “Topology-Custom UGAL routing on Dragonfly”, has been accepted by SC’19.
    • 10/2018: Congratulations to Peyman, Juan, and others, whose paper, titled “TPR: Traffic Pattern-based Adaptive Routing for Dragonfly Networks”, has been accepted by IEEE Transactions on Multi-Scale Computing Systems.
    • 09/2018: Prof. Yuan (PI) receives a new grant with Prof. Xiuwen Liu (co-PI) from Los Alamos National Labortary to apply machine learning techniques to network design.