Explorer Laboratory Seminar

Current seminar: Fall 2019

August 30Dr. Xin YuanKick-off meeting
September 9RamTorsten, Mitigating Network Noise on Dragonfly through Application Aware Routing, SC'2019.
September 16ZaidFaizian et. al, "TPR: Traffic Pattern-based Adaptive Routing for Dragonfly Networks," IEEE Transactions MSCS, 2018
September 23SaptarshiAnalyzing Network Health and Congestion in Dragonfly-based Supercomputer, IPDPS 2016
September 30MehranTong, "Fast Classification of MPI Applications using Lamport's Logical Clocks", JPDC, 2018
October 7MohsenPatarasuk, "Bandwidth Optimal All-reduce Algorithms for Clusters of Workstatiosn, JPDC 2009
October 14ShafayatTopology Custom UGAL on Dragonfly, SC 2019
October 21FatemaPractical and Efficient Incremental Adaptive Routing for HyperX Networks, SC 2019

Past Seminars