Our current efforts focus on designing and evaluating efficient communication infrastructure for extreme-scale distributed computing systems. Modeling and simulation are commonly used in our research. Implementation and experimentation are essential for the validation of our proposed techniques. Current projects include the following:

  • Interconnection Network Technology for Future-generation Cloud Computing Data Centers and SupercomputersAs the sizes of future supercomputers and data centers continue to grow, designing interconnection networks that can satisfy the performance requirement while meeting cost and power constraints becomes more and more challenging. Even just evaluating a design choice can pose significant challenges. The goal of this project is two-fold. First, we will investigate efficient evaluation methods that allow a comprehensive comparison across multiple design choices for large-scale systems with tens of thousands of nodes using various metrics that may measure performance, power, and reliability. Second, we will develop novel topology, routing, and networking schemes that are more scalable, cost-effective, reliable, and power-efficient than existing proposals.
  • Software Defined Networking for HPC Interconnects and Its Extension across DomainsSoftware Defined Networking (SDN) is an emerging networking technology that allows software innovation in network control. It has been widely deployed in campus networks and data centers. However, the existing SDN technology is mainly based on Ethernet, which does not provide low latency and high bandwidth communication that is required by many traditional High Performance Computing (HPC) applications. In this project, we will investigate the techniques and benefits of introducing Openflow-style SDN capability into InfiniBand, the dominating interconnection network technology for commodity HPC clusters, develop schemes for HPC systems and applications to explore SDN capability, and validate our proposed techniques through modeling, simulation, and prototyping. Researchers also plan to develop software systems to provide Openflow-style SDN capability in the current InfiniBand and to inter-operate with existing inter-domain SDN framework such as the OSCARS system on ESnet to provide SDN capability across multiple SDN domains.

Please find the publications from these projects in our publications page, and software released in the software page.