1. 04/2018: Peyman and Atiqul successfully defended their dissertations. Congratulations!!
    2. 03/2018: Peyman Faizian accepted a job as a tenure-track assistant professor at the School of Computing, University of North Florida to start in Fall 2018.
    3. 03/2018: Md. Atiqul Mollah accepted a job as a tenure-track assistant professor at the Computer Science Department, Oakland University (an R3 Doctoral University) to start in Fall 2018.
    4. 01/2018: Zhou Tong’s paper “Performance and Accuracy Trade-offs of HPC Application Modeling and Simulation” has been accepted by IEEE IPDPS’18, congratulations!
    5. 11/2017: Peyman Faizian, Atiqul Mollah, and Xin Yuan to attend ACM SC conference and present papers.
    6. 11/2017: Zhou Tong successfully defended his dissertation, titled “Improving the Effectiveness of Performance Analysis for HPC by Using Appropriate Modeling and Simulation Schemes.” Congratulations.
    7. 09/2017: Saptarshi Bhowmik and Mohammad Mohsen Gavahi joined the group. Welcome!
    8. 08/2017: Two papers from the Explorer lab have been accepted by the IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, a top journal in our area: Peyman’s paper titled “Random Regular Graph and De Bruijn Graph with k-shortest Path Routing” and Atiqul’s paper titled “Fast Calculation of Max-min Fair Rates for Multi-commodity Flows in Fat-Tree Networks”.
    9. 08/2017: Prof. Yuan receives a new grant as a co-PI from National Science Foundation to develop security mechanisms for High Performance Computing systems. This is a joint project with Prof. Zhi Wang (PI) and Prof. Viet Tung Hoang.
    10. 06/2017: Peyman’s paper “A Comparative Study of SDN and Adaptive Routing on Dragonfly Networks” is accepted by IEEE/ACM SC’17.
    11. 05/2017: Md Atiqul Mollah successfully defended his PhD prospectus, congratulations!
    12. 05/2017: Peyman Faizian successfully defended his PhD prospectus, congratulations!
    13. 01/2017: Michael Duckett joined the group. Welcome!
    14. 01/2017: Juan Alfaro joined the group as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome!
    15. 12/2016: Zaid Salamah A Alzaid joined the lab. Welcome!
    16. 11/2016: Jason Lee presented paper “Enhancing InfiniBand with OpenFlow-style InfiniBand Capability” in IEEE/ACM SC: The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis in Salt Lake City, Utah.
    17. 11/2016: Zhou Tong successfully defended his PhD prospectus. Congratulations.
    18. 09/2016: Jason Lee successfully defended his Master thesis. Congratulations.
    19. 09/2016: Peyman successfully defended his area exam and is now a PhD candidate. Congratulations.
    20. 09/2016: Zhou Tong’s poster “Trade-off Analysis of Simulation Complexity and Accuracy Using SST/Macro,” has been accepted for presentation in ACM/IEEE SC’16.
    21. 08/2016: Peyman to present paper “Traffic Pattern-based Adaptive Routing for Intra-group Communication in Dragonfly Networks” in IEEE HOTI in Santa Clara.
    22. 07/2016: The EXPLORER laboratory website (this page) goes alive.