Welcome to the FSU CS EXPLORER (EXtreme-scale comPuting, modeLing, netwORking & systEms Research) laboratory. We are a group of researchers who share common interests in

  • exploring cutting-edge technologies for designing, evaluating, constructing, programming, and using extreme-scale distributed computing systems including super-computing systems, cloud computing data centers, networked computing systems, heterogeneous computing systems, and Internet of things,
  • and developing, implementing, and evaluating techniques at the architecture, systems, and applications levels that advance the state-of-the-art distributed computing in cost-effectiveness, scalability, power-efficiency, reliability, security, and ease-of-use.

The EXPLORER laboratory is funded in part by Department of Energy Office of Science, National Science Foundation, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Florida State University.

News updates (all entries):

    • 11/2017: Peyman Faizian, Atiqul Mollah, and Xin Yuan to attend ACM SC conference and present papers.
    • 11/2017: Zhou Tong successfully defended his dissertation, titled “Improving the Effectiveness of Performance Analysis for HPC by Using Appropriate Modeling and Simulation Schemes.” Congratulations.
    • 09/2017: Saptarshi Bhowmik and Mohammad Mohsen Gavahi joined the group. Welcome!
    • 08/2017: Two papers from the Explorer lab have been accepted by the IEEE Transactions on Parallel
      and Distributed Systems, a top journal in our area: Peyman’s paper titled “Random Regular Graph and De Bruijn Graph with k-shortest Path Routing” and Atiqul’s paper titled “Fast Calculation of Max-min Fair Rates for Multi-commodity Flows in Fat-Tree Networks”.
    • 08/2017: Prof. Yuan receives a new grant as a co-PI from National Science Foundation to develop security mechanisms for High Performance Computing systems. This is a joint project with Prof. Zhi Wang (PI) and Prof. Viet Tung Hoang.
    • 06/2017: Peyman’s paper “A Comparative Study of SDN and Adaptive Routing on Dragonfly Networks” is accepted by IEEE/ACM SC’17.
    • 05/2017: Md Atiqul Mollah successfully defended his PhD prospectus, congratulations!
    • 05/2017: Peyman Faizian successfully defended his PhD prospectus, congratulations!
    • 01/2017: Michael Duckett joined the group. Welcome!
    • 01/2017: Juan Alfaro joined the group as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome!

New: The EXPLORER laboratory is looking to expand. If you are interested in joining the laboratory, please send me a note (xyuan at cs dot  fsu  dot  edu).